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APSU Math Problem of the Week

Our Math Problem of the Week is meant to provide students a fun and mathematically stimulating problem to solve each week with prizes given out to one of our problems solvers.  Any APSU student can submit a solution.  You don't need to be a math major or even enrolled in a math class; only a mathematically curious mind is required.

Fall 2021 Problems:

Problem 1* (posted 8/27, due 9/3 by 12pm), Solution, Winner - Emma Kreuser

Problem 2* (posted 9/3, due 9/10 by 12pm), Solution, Winner - Erik Anderson

Problem 3* (posted 9/10, due 9/17 by 12pm), Solution, Winner - Meehee Choi

* Credit to the book "Mathematics for Human Flourishing" by Francis Su for these problems.

Problem 4 (posted 9/17, due 9/23 by 12pm), Solution, Winner - Anna Sheets

Problem 5 (posted 9/24, due 10/1 by 12pm), Solution, Winner - Holly Abrams

Problem 6 (posted 10/1, due 10/8 by 12pm), Solution, Winner - Elizabeth Knight

Problem 7 (posted 10/15, due 10/22 by 12pm), Solution, Winner - Holly Abrams

Problem 8 (posted 10/23, due 10/29 by 12pm)


Some important rules or guidelines:

  1. Any APSU student can submit a solution individually, or work can be done in a small group of 2 or 3 students.
  2. Solutions must be justified when appropriate to be considered correct.
  3. Submissions can be made in person to Dr. Brad Fox (MMCS 109) or electronically to foxb@apsu.edu
  4. Problems will be posted each Friday afternoon with submissions due by the following Friday at 12pm.  Solutions and the weekly winner will be posted once the deadline has passed.
  5. One correct submission (whether submitted individually or as a group) will be randomly chosen to win a prize such as gift cards, Galois Math Club t-shirts, and APSU CoSTEM swag, in addition to receiving the glory of having their success published on this webpage.
  6. Faculty and other non-students can submit solutions, but are not eligible for prizes.

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