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GAE MOU – Discontinue Use of TA and Remove GAE Hold: Completed by service members using GAE who no longer wish to use TA. This allows APSU to remove the registration hold on the service members’ APSU student accounts and further permits them to manage their own registrations and drops; as traditional students would.

GAE Registration Waiver: Completed by service members wishing to register for classes in APSU’s web self-service instead of the GAE Portal.  Completion of this form allows service members to secure a seat in a course that has not been published in GAE due to the restricted eight-week registration window or if the service member has exhausted TA for the fiscal year; requiring self-funded classes.

GAE Registration Waiver Drop Form: Completed by service members when dropping a course that was previously registered using the GAE Registration Waiver.

GAE Degree Plan Amendment Request: Completed by a service members who wish to request an amendment to their GAE degree plan.  Service members in a Fully Developed Degree Plan (FDDP) are required to pay for any courses not listed in what GAE shows as a requirement for degree completion.  By requesting an amendment, for reasons such as a planned course substitution, this will allow the course to be covered by TA.