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Money for School

TRiO Student Support Services is here to ensure its participants are being provided all the opportunities available to students at APSU. Personal and academic success are important to us and we are committed to this. Visit TRiO for help with Scholarship, FAFSA and other resources. https://www.apsu.edu/sss

APSU Scholarship Resources https://www.apsu.edu/scholarships/scholarship-opportunities/ 

Military Scholarships https://www.apsu.edu/msc/helpful-links/scholarships.php

School Supplies for Vets the Military Student Center provides Veterans will school supplies to help reduce the financial requirements of attending school.https://www.apsu.edu/msc/school-supplies-for-vets/school-supplies-drive-info.php

Texts for Vets the Military Student Center provides text books to Veterans (priority), dependents and then all students. Check the book list and fill out an application to reserve your text book for free. https://www.apsu.edu/msc/texts-for-vets/index.php

Tech for Vets program was created to assist Veterans with overcoming the financial burden of purchasing graphing calculators. Fill out an application with the Military Student Center https://www.apsu.edu/msc/tech-for-vets/index.php