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Music Alumni

Welcome home, everyone. Through this website, we hope to feature our prominent alumni of whom we are very proud and to help AP Music alumni stay connected with each other, with the university, and with the Music Department music. 





We are working to fill this page with information about former APSU music students. Check back often for updates. In the meantime, if you have not yet completed our alumni information form, please do so below.

Send us your news and update your contact information using our Alumni Information Form!


The Alumni of the Year Award was established to recognize the achievements of music department alumni. The recipient will be honored at a College of Arts and Letters gathering for this purpose in the spring of each year.



  1. Significant music career achievements with recognition or impact at the state, regional, and/or national level.
  2. Accumulated a body of work, since graduation, spanning at least 20 years. 
  1. Preferably, have received awards, honors or distinction significant to the field.


To nominate an alum

  1. Provide a typed letter of support for the person you wish to nominate. This letter should describe the nominee’s qualifications and describe why the nominee is deserving of the award.
  2. Obtain a copy of the candidate’s bio
  3. Submit the letter of support and professional bio to music@apsu.edu on or before the established deadline (see below).


Review Process

Submit nominations by emailing a letter of support and a professional bio of the nominee to music@apsu.edu. Nominations may be made by current or prior music department faculty, and by music alumni. The Alumni Committee and Department Chair will review nominations to ensure all candidates meet the criteria. If there are more than five candidates, the committee will rank the nominees to select 5 names that will be presented to the faculty. Faculty who nominated a candidate will have 5 minutes to present his/her nominee to the department, and the department will determine the result by anonymous vote. Run-off votes may be needed in the event of a tie. 


Timeline (2020-2021)

  • January 25: Call for nominees
  • February 5: Deadline for nominations
  • February 12: Committee will review nominations
  • February 18: Department will discuss and vote
  • February 25: Recipient will be notified

Prior Recipients

  • Joe Giles (2019-2020)


Stay connected with the department by coming to any of our upcoming events. Visit our concert and events webpage for more information.

We also invite you to stay connected with the University by visiting the Alumni Relations office, or subscribing to the APSU Alumni Magazine


We rely on our alumni for financial support of scholarships, programs and other resources. For those who have already given, we are eternally grateful. For those who would like to learn more about tax-deductible donations to the department of music, contact the Office of University Advancement.