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Forms and Information for Current Students

 Click on the appropriate heading below to find the form you need. If you cannot find the form you need, contact your applied instructor, advisor, or music@apsu.edu.


The music student manual is a reference document for music majors and minors, that explains standard music program policies and procedures.

Music Student Manual

To Schedule Your Recital
There are three components of scheduling a recital: the hearing, the dress rehearsal and the recital. You will schedule all components of your recital on the Recital Request Form. An email announcement is sent to applied faculty when the office is ready to begin scheduling student recitals for the next semester. A Department Preliminary Planning Calendar is shared with applied faculty to view available recital dates.
Discuss available dates for your recital, hearing, and rehearsal with your applied faculty and accompanist before your attempt to reserve dates. You should ideally reserve dates one semester before your tentative recital. Once you have confirmed dates with your applied faculty and accompanist, reserve your preferred dates through the music office by emailing a completed Recital Request Form. Incomplete documents are not accepted.  Signatures will be collected electronically by the office, and the student will receive a completed copy of the form via email as confirmation that all dates have been reserved.
You must pass a recital hearing a minimum of two weeks prior to your selected recital date. Recital hearings usually occur at 12:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in MMC 130, 147, or 152. The Mabry Concert Hall is available for hearings for graduate students and piano majors only.  You must also select a hearing committee in consultation with your applied instructor.  Your committee must include your primary instructor and a minimum of two additional applied faculty, ideally from a similar area (winds, percussion, voice, etc…).
What to bring to your hearing
If you pass the recital hearing
    • You may receive corrections on your program at the recital hearing. Make all corrections and submit the final program draft to music.programs@apsu.edu and copy your applied instructor on the email. The process to submit your program is described below.

If you do not pass the recital hearing

    • Contact the music office to release the recital date you previously selected.
    • Consult with your applied instructor as to when you may attempt the recital hearing again.
Each student is allotted one (1) two-hour timeslot for a dress rehearsal in the concert hall. If you miss without prior notification, you may not be able to reschedule.
Submitting your Program Information
Submit complete program information as a Word document attachment (Recital Program Template) (not within the body of an email) to music.programs@apsu.edu (you should receive a confirmation email). Program information should be submitted a minimum of seven days prior to the event. Hand-written and incomplete submissions will be returned to you. The office prioritizes print requests based on the amount of workflow. As such, late submissions may not be accepted, especially during peak performance times. If late submissions are accepted and printed, the office is not responsible for inaccurate or incomplete program information. Adhere to the recommendations in the APSU Program Guidelines and consult with your applied instructor if you have additional questions.
Complete program submissions must include
Cover Page Information
    1. Name of performer as it is to appear on the program
    2. Instrument or voice type
    3. Collaborative pianist
    4. Full name and performance area of all additional performers (if applicable)
Program Contents
Submit the following information for each performance selection. Submit program selections in program order including where the intermission should occur (if applicable). Vocalists should also indicate songs that are to be performed as a set (how titles should be grouped on the program). Where needed, include special characters, letters, or symbols (é, ö, á, etc…) in titles or composer names.
    1. Complete title as it should appear on the program (includes catalog number, movements or selections of complete works)
    2. Full composer name and birth / death dates
Optional Program Information (at the recommendation of your applied faculty). Supplemental program information must be submitted print-ready (as it is to appear on the program)
    1. Translations
    2. Program Notes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a scheduling priority?
A: Yes. Graduate recitals are scheduled first, followed by senior recitals, then junior recitals.
Q: Do I need to print my own programs?
A: No. The department prints some programs per recital and provides a PDF if you submit your program template by the required deadline. You are responsible for additional programs if you anticipate a larger audience.
Q: Can I / do I have to print a poster?A: Your applied faculty member may require you to print a recital poster.  The department does not regulate size or design elements of posters. If you have a poster printed, follow the University policies available at: 
In MMC, posters may be displayed on any bulletin board that is not reserved for a specific use. Do not hang posters on painted surfaces, or anywhere in the first floor lobby where there is brown brick floor.
Q: Am I required to perform in the Mabry Concert Hall?
A: No. You may perform your recital in Heydel Hall (Art+Design Building), the MMC Recital Hall (aka 147 Choir Room), a local church, or other location with approval of your applied instructor.
Q: What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my recital?
A: If you must reschedule or cancel your recital, contact the music office to release your recital date. Each recital in the MMC Concert Hall requires a minimum of five concert hall staff (technical workers and ushers). Either the concert hall may not be available, or there may not be available staff for an alternate date. As such, you may be required to find a different venue if you need to cancel or reschedule your recital.

Q: Can I have a reception?
A: Yes, you can, but you are responsible for any and all aspects of your reception including set-up and tear-down. Alcoholic beverages may not be served on campus. Tables are available in MMC 130 and are accessed by your applied faculty member.  

Most juries and junior level hearing processes will be conducted through this link. https://apsu.jury-system.com/

These links take you to our older forms:

Please read the APSU Music Department Policy for Building & Labs.

All Music Students must complete the following webform to gain ID card-swipe access to the MMC Building and to the MMC 236 Music Lab. The form may also be used to request keys. 

By requesting keys, I confirm that I will return all keys to the Physical Plant Department in the Shasteen Building by the end of finals week, Spring Semester. I further understand that failure to do so will result in a hold being placed on my student account, preventing me from viewing grades or registering for courses until resolved.
I am affirming that I have read the aforementioned procedures and that I will strictly adhere to the specific rules as stated above. I further understand that I am assuming all risks related to exposure of COVID-19 and will hold Austin Peay State University harmless should I contract the virus. I am also affirming that I will abide by the COVID- Guidance and Information policies and procedures of Austin Peay State University available at https://www.apsu.edu/coronavirus/


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