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Sustainable Campus Fee Grant

The Sustainable Campus Fee is open to staff, faculty and students.

Submit here:


Deadline: Please contact Olivia Herron at herrono@apsu.edu

The purpose of the fee is to advance sustainability initiatives on campus in the following categories:

  • Energy and utilities (electricity, HVAC, gas, water, etc.)
  • Local generation (renewables – solar, wind, etc.)
  • Alternative fuel (hybrid and electric vehicles, bio-diesel projects, etc.)
  • Recycling, trash reduction, composting
  • Natural campus environment
  • Other (humanities and arts)

The purpose of the fee is to advance student, staff and faculty involvement in sustainability initiatives, with proposals in one of the following types:


  • Provide or demonstrate a specific energy or environmental benefit
  • Be technically and economically feasible
  • Be cost effective to operate and maintain
  • Be consistent with campus standards and master plan
  • Be student-driven as much as possible


  • Focus on implementable technologies or initiatives that are economically and technically feasible
  • Quantify energy or environmental benefit(s)
  • Address feasibility, operability, and maintainability of the technology or initiative
  • Not duplicate prior, similar studies
  • Have significant level of student participation/support


  • Focus on identified sustainability categories
  • Have significant level of student participation/support