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Beyond the Classroom

Students practicing for the Halloween Percusion concert.

Center for Service-Learning & Community Engagement - (931) 221-6590
The Center for Service-Learning & Community Engagement (CSLCE) provides students with opportunities to connect their academic and personal growth to the betterment of their community.

Students benefit from an array of community engagement programs, including alternative break trips, ENGAGE living community, service-learning courses, days of service, volunteer opportunities, food pantry, plus a free thrift shop.

Office of Career Services - (931) 221-6544
Career Services assists students in planning for life after college whether that’s entering the workforce or continuing with graduate school. The office offers one-on-one career counseling and assessments that help students with the career-decision making process. Students can access “What Can I Do With This Major ...,” a tool that shows the many career possibilities likely from particular majors. The office assists students with resume development, mock interviews, job search strategies and has a library for career-related advice. Career Services offers workshops for students throughout the academic year that cover a variety of career-related topics.

Students have access to employers nationally, regionally and locally by signing in to their Jobs4Govs account. Through Jobs4Govs, students can search for jobs and internships that employers post, and can publish their resume so employers can search for students. The office also hosts many networking and on-campus recruitment events for students to discuss opportunities with employers and hand out resumes.

All services are free for students and alumni. For more information, visit www.apsu.edu/careers or call (931) 221-6544. 

Student Employment on Campus
Working on campus is a great way to connect and meet new people, enrich personal growth, and develop meaningful skills. Student employees are a vital part of the campus community.

Military Student Center - (931) 221-7685
The Military Student Center assists veterans, active-duty, reservists, National Guardsmen, retirees, ROTC students and family members that attend the University with transition from the military to college life.

The center offers the Texts for Vets program, which provides textbooks to students free of charge through donations. The center provides a computer lab, student/peer coaching, a dining area and lounge for homework space or to relax. The center helps students resolve academic and personal issues. Programs are offered all year to address the unique challenges of military-affiliated students.

The center works closely with other campus offices including Disability Services, Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs, Registrar’s Office, Career Services, Student Counseling Services, VetSuccess On Campus, etc. to ensure the students’ needs are being met. For more information, please contact the Military Student center at msc@apsu.edu or (931) 221-1685.

Latino Community Resource Center - (931) 221-6645
¡Bienvenidos! All students are welcome at the Latino Community Resource Center (LCRC) located in the Morgan University Center. The LCRC offers free tutoring for students enrolled in Spanish courses. Educational programs are offered to support student learning such as Hispanic Heritage Month and showcasing Hispanic countries. The LCRC provides computers, library of Hispanic books, dictionaries, movies and magazines, as well as Spanish textbooks, Spanish editions of popular games, and Rosetta Stone language software. The center offers a competitive $500 scholarship each spring to be used in the fall. Visit here or call (931) 221-6645.

Wilbur N. Daniel African American Cultural Center - (931) 221-7120
The Wilbur N. Daniel African American Cultural Center (WNDAACC) was founded in 1991 and was named in honor of the first African-American male student to graduate from APSU. The center, in Clement Building, Room 120, hosts a wide variety of educational programs. The center supports student learning with a checkout (borrowing) program for students needing technology for classes such as TI-83 calculators, laptops, MacBooks, netbooks and more than 1,600 library resources. There are stationary computers with the Respondus program, and an 80-inch TV for students to use for watching and practicing presentations.

The Achievers & Scholars program assists African-American males who are classified as freshmen and transfer students up to 29 hours by connecting them to resources at the institution. This program helps integrate academic, social and supportive components to engage the participants in the APSU community, aid retention of these students, ensure their graduation and connect them to graduate school or professional opportunities.

All students are welcome to stop by for a snack, to study, relax, connect with other students, watch TV or play games. Visit www.apsu.edu/aacc, or call (931) 221-7120.

Adult, Nontraditional & Transfer Student Center - (931) 221-6854
The Adult, Nontraditional & Transfer Student Center (ANTS) is open to all students and provides transition programs and assistance to students transferring or attending school for the first time in years.

The ANTS Center creates relevant programs for career focused individuals and are family friendly. The center also supports commuting students who may need some of the comforts their campus-resident peers have, such as a refrigerator, toaster oven or microwave. ANTS has test exam study books, umbrella check-outs for rainy days and a lactation space. Located in the Morgan University Center, Room 111, the center has a computer lab, study support materials and a professional college counselor to answer questions and provide support. Follow ANTS on Facebook @antscenter, Instagram @antscenter and Twitter @antscenter.

Student Publications - (931) 221-7376
Student Publications is home to the editorially independent student newspaper, The All State, APSU’s student newspaper since 1930. The department offers a learning environment where students can develop and enhance writing, editing and design skills, leadership, teamwork, decision making, ethical reasoning and time management in a practical environment.

Students are not required to have previous experience. Any enrolled student is welcome to apply for an array of positions from writing, to designing and advertising by visiting www.apsu.edu/student-pubs.

The All State earned national, regional and state awards again last year. 

The Office of Student Publications produces the Student Handbook & Calendar and collaborates with departments across campus in support of student learning.

You can read The All State online at www.theallstate.org and on Facebook @theallstate, Twitter @TheAllState and Instagram @theallstate_apsu. For more information, call (931) 221-7376, or email studentpublications@apsu.edu.

Honors Program 
The Honors Program offers high-achieving students the opportunity to experience a more rigorous set of courses in their discipline, and to gain recognition for their work by having “Honors Program” on their permanent transcripts. Honors students have 24/7 access to a study/lounge area, enjoy priority registration and have the opportunity to apply for additional scholarship funds. For more information, call (931) 221-7118.

Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange - (931) 221-6851
The Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange offers both short-term and long-term study abroad programs. These programs help students gain knowledge of the world, experience intercultural education and develop skill sets needed to succeed in an international society.

Students can benefit from international programs without travel by participating in the Bridge Program, a peer-mentor group, which consists of both international and APSU students. This helps international students explore American culture and history while teaching others about the culture and history of their countries. For parent and family specific questions on study abroad, see www.apsu.edu/study-abroad-exchange.

Student Research - (931) 221-7625
The Office of Student Research & Innovation involves the areas of Business, Education, Humanities, Social Sciences and STEM. The office helps connect students with opportunities to conduct research and creative activity. Students can also apply to receive funding for their project. Research and creative activity is common in all fields of study. These experiences connect students with faculty and help them become immersed in a field of study. For more information, call (931) 221-7625 or visit www.apsu.edu/osri.

ROTC - (931) 221-6156
Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is a series of electives that allows students to participate in one of the nation’s premier undergraduate leadership development programs. The ultimate goal of ROTC is to become fully qualified to serve as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army upon graduation. However, any student may benefit from taking the freshman- and sophomore- level ROTC courses without incurring a military obligation. Financial assistance is available. Visit www.apsu.edu/rotc, or call (931) 221-6156 or (800) 581-7394. The department is in the Memorial Health Building on the Clarksville Campus.