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Leadership and Organizational Administration: Concentration Strategic Leadership

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The Master of Science in Leadership (MSL) with a concentration in Strategic Leadership is an interdisciplinary graduate degree program in the social sciences. The 30-hour program is designed for students who wish to pursue graduate professional studies in an online learning environment. The MSL is a professionally-oriented program that responds to the dynamic needs of students working in or preparing for rapidly changing professional environments and expectations. In this program of interdisciplinary graduate studies, students make connections between various professional fields and traditional social science disciplines.


Admission Requirements

For information related to admission requirements or to view the courses within each program, please visit the graduate bulletin.  To apply for admission, click here.


Sample Course Plan

Leadership and Organizational Administration: Strategic Leadership, MSL


What opportunities are available with this degree?

  • Military Officer
  • Supervisor
  • Director
  • Higher Education Staff
  • Military Contractor
  • Private Business
  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Non-Profit Administrator
  • Logistics Officer