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Faculty/Staff Resources

Acalog- Adhoc Instructions

Acalog-Editing Academic Departmental Pages

Acalog- Editing Custom Pages

Acalog- Editing Hierarchy Pages

Acalog-Log-in User

Acalog - Tips and Questions


Adding and Cancelling Courses in SYASECT- Web Self Service

Additional Information- Campus Codes, Term Codes, Instructional Methods, Building Codes

Advisor Training

AP Schedule Planner Video pdf

Banner for Deans/Chairs/Administrative Assistants

Courses Substitutions

Faculty One Stop/Self-Service Training

FA FN Grade Memo- Information/Instructions

FA Grade Memo- Information/Instructions

Final Grade Memo- Information/Instructions

Final Grade Memo (Part of Term A Courses Only)- Information/Instructions

Grade Due Dates (Fall 2021)

Letter of Recommendation for Student - Example of Student Permission to Release GPA

Midterm Grade Memo- Information/Instructions

Missing Grade Report- Instructions

Priority Registration Schedule (Spring 2022)

Procedure for Schedule of Classes and Room Assignments

Schedule Input Dates (Spring 2022)

Schedule Input Dates (Summer & Fall 2022)

Schedule Input Dates (Spring 2023)

Schedule Input Dates (Summer & Fall 2023)

Section Number Table (Effective Fall 2021)

Winter Term Registration

Student Resources

AP Onestop Registration Information

AP Schedule Planner Video pdf