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Staff Senate Employee of the Semester Nomination

This award is presented to full-time staff members who consistently promote the success of the university, exhibit outstanding character attributes, serve in an exceptional manner, and contribute to the university above and beyond the call of duty

Spring Due Dates for Nominations: April 

Fall Due Dates for Nominations: End of October early November

Nomination Criteria

 Spring 2018 Winners

Debbi Shearon- Academic Affairs

Sue Butler- External Affairs

Ryan Ivey- Athletics

Judy Blain- Finance & Administration

Carol Winfield- Student Affairs

 Fall 2018 Winners

Veronica Prescott- Academic AffairsRachell Carroll- Academic Affairs

Advancement/PR/Alumni- External Affairs

Katie Ethridge- Athletics/human resources

Bud Jenkins- Athletics/human resources

Derrick Oliver- Finance & Administration/ physical plan/ IT(Campus Police)

Barbara Tucker- Finance & Administration/ physical plan/ IT(Campus Police)

Angie Leonard- Student Affairs