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Strategic Planning Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall Meetings are a way to get feedback from the campus and community regarding the ongoing strategic planning process. Town Halls will be held online via Zoom Webinar to provide maximum flexibility for attendance. 

Registration links are available and will be publicized via The Gov Says.

If you cannot make it to a Town Hall, please download the draft here: Draft Mission, Vision, and Values

You may provide anonymous feedback via Feedback 

You also may directly contact or email the Committee Co-Chairs or Committee members to provide feedback:

Committee Co-Chairs

Dannelle Whiteside, Vice President for Legal Affairs and Organizational Strategy

Dr. Emily Lean, Assoc. Dean  College of Business, Harper-Bourne Chair of Excellence, Professor of Management , and Graduate Coordinator

Committee Members


Dr. Prentice Chandler (COE)


Dr. Marsha Lyle-Gonga (Political Science)

Faculty Senate

Dr. Jane Semler (President)

Staff Senate

Jerica Swiger (President)


Kito Aruh (President)


Jordan Harmon 

Enrollment/Student Success

Dr. Nancy KingSanders (AVP)

Student Affairs

Victor Felts (Director)


Tom Hutchins (Director)


Dr. Lorneth Peters (SBDC)


Dr. Kristine Nakutis (FC)

Advancement/Alumni Relations

Nikki Peterson (Director)


Fall Town Halls

Monday, November 8                  10AM CST   Click here to Register

Tuesday, November 9                 10AM CST   Click here to Register

                                                      1PM CST   Click here to Register

Wednesday, November 10            1PM CST   Click Here to Register