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Disciplinary Actions to Prevent Substance Abuse

Students, faculty and staff are responsible, as citizens, for knowing about and complying with the provisions of Tennessee law that make it a crime to possess, sell, deliver or manufacture those drugs designated collectively as “controlled substances” in 39-17-405-39-17-426 of the Tennessee Code Annotated. Any member of the University community who violates those  laws is subject both to prosecution and punishment by the civil authorities and to disciplinary proceedings by the University.

It is expected that APSU students, faculty, and staff who use or possess alcoholic beverages will do so as legally prescribed by the laws of the state of Tennessee, within the regulations of Austin Peay State University and live in a manner that does not disrupt the lives of others. A person whose conduct is outside these parameters will be subject to the judicial rules and procedures of the University.

It is not “double jeopardy” for both the civil authorities and the University to proceed against and punish a person for the same specified conduct. The University will initiate its own disciplinary proceeding against a student or employee when the alleged conduct is deemed to affect the interests of the University. Sanctions will be imposed by the University in accordance with this policy, Staff Handbook, Faculty Handbook, Code of Student Conduct and other appropriate University policies. Students, faculty, and staff members of APSU with substance abuse problems are encouraged to take advantage of available diagnostic, referral, counseling and prevention services. However, employees and students availing themselves of these services will not be granted special privileges and exemptions from standard academic and student conduct requirements. Austin Peay will not excuse acts of misconduct committed by employees and students whose judgment is impaired due to substance use.

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