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Policy on Substance Abuse

It is the policy of this institution that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, acquisition, possession, or use of alcohol and illegal drugs on the APSU campus, on property owned or controlled by APSU, or as part of any activity of APSU is strictly prohibited. 

Austin Peay is dedicated to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge and, as such, expects all members of the academic community to behave in a manner conducive to that end. The highest standards of personal and professional conduct must be maintained by faculty, staff, and students. Illegal or abusive use of alcohol and other drugs by members of the University community adversely affects the mission of the University and is prohibited. Accordingly, Austin Peay State University adopts the following policy, consistent with federal, state, and local laws. The policy is intended to accomplish the following:

1. Prevent substance abuse through strong educational efforts; 
2. Encourage and facilitate the use of counseling services and rehabilitation programs by those members of the University community who require assistance in stopping substance abuse; and,
3. Discipline appropriately those members of the University community who engage in illegal substance-related behaviors.