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Student Appeals and Procedures

This information is an excerpt from the Student Handbook & Calendar.

(6) Appeals

(a) The student may appeal a decision of the University Hearing Board or the Student Affairs Administrator to the Senior Student Affairs Officer, or designee.

(b) An appeal in writing setting forth grounds for the appeal and addressed to the appropriate appellate authority must be received in the Office of the Senior Student Affairs Officer within three (3) class days after the student/ organization is notified of the sanction imposed at any hearing or appellate level.

(c) Appeals shall be limited to the following grounds on the following issues:

1. Were procedures properly followed in the hearing?

2. Was the evidence presented at the hearing determined by “preponderance?”

3. Was the sanction imposed proportional to the violation?

4. New information, not available at the time of the original hearing, has become available which would substantially alter the outcome of the hearing.

(d) Review shall be based solely on a consideration of the record generated through the hearing together with the written appeal document filed by the student.

(e) Appellate Authority. The Senior Student Affairs Officer, or designee, shall have the authority to do any of the following upon review of an appeal:

1. Sustain the previous decision including the penalty imposed;

2. Sustain the previous decision but impose a greater or lesser penalty;

3. Remand the case for further consideration; or

4. Reverse the previous decision.

(f) The Senior Student Affairs Officer shall issue a written decision after the appeal is filed by the student.

(g) The decision of the Senior Student Affairs Officer is final.