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Latino Community Resource Center Graduation Recognition Ceremony

student with serape stole

The Latino Community Resource Center's Graduation Recognition Ceremony started as a small celebration organized by the Austin Peay Hispanic Alumni Chapter.  Today, the program has expanded to recognize students and their loved ones who have contributed to the student's success during their time at APSU. 


In order to participate, students must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Hispanic or Latino Students at APSU
  2. Spanish Majors and Minors
  3. Latin American Studies Minor

Students who sign up for the graduation recognition ceremony will receive a serape stole, a gift, and are invited to bring two guests to the ceremony.  To guarantee your place in the graduation recognition ceremony, we need you to fill out the registration form in PeayLink.

The Fall 2021 Graduation Recognition Ceremony will held on December 7th at 5 pm in the MUC Ballroom.