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APSU 1000 Freshman Seminar

The beginning of a person's college career is an exciting but challenging time, which is why Austin Peay State University offers a Freshman Seminar, APSU 1000, to ease students into this new phase of their lives. This class provides a safe place to learn about the University and the many resources available to help you succeed as Governors. 

The APSU 1000 class focuses on student engagement, support services, library literacy, financial literacy and academic planning. In addition to your instructor, you'll meet a peer leader who will give you practical advice on how to be successful at APSU. These peer leaders are upperclassmen who were trained to introduce you to campus life and make your experience more welcoming and engaging.

And remember, students must register and remain enrolled in APSU 1000 until a grade of "C" is earned.

Freshman Seminar Focus Areas

  • Academic Resources
  • Student Life and Engagement
  • Career and Major Exploration
  • Introduction to Library Research
  • Financial Aid and Financial Literacy
  • Campus Culture