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Post-Program Follow-UP

Travel Claim

Study abroad faculty coordinators need to submit two travel claims as described below. These claims are an actual record of expenses, which provides an exact and final financial summary of your trip. Travel claims need to be submitted within 30 days after program completion. Please use the Study Abroad Travel Claim Checklist to help you organize required documents and information.

Study Abroad Faculty Coordinators are required to submit a travel claim per faculty coordinator in each program. If there is more than one faculty in the same program, each faculty must submit a separate claim with the respective documents and information.

Documents and information:

  • Final itinerary
  • Syllabi
  • Final student manifest
  • Date, receipts, and amounts in both foreign currency and US dollars (if applicable) for each expense claimed on the travel claim. Please use the Study Abroad Claim Worksheet in order to submit this information.
  • Receipts (please add a clear explanation on each receipt page).
  • Receipt of repayment for any amount owed to the University from this claim.
  • Include the Cash Dispersed Abroad to Students form for any funds issued to them.
  • Attach explanation of purpose for the trip in detail.
  • Final Information:
    • Mileage (from APSU to Nashville Airport is 53 miles)
    • Airfare
    • Lodging
    • Per Diem (Please see table below)
    • Excursions
    • Airport Transports
    • Other transportation
Per Diem for International Travel                     Amount
Standard per diem  - First day of travel                     $ 57.00
Standard per diem                     $ 76.00
Standard per diem – Last day of travel                     $ 57.00


Note: Meals that are included in the program should not be claimed. For example, if you eat breakfast provided by the hotel, this meal should not be claimed. 


Per Diem Breakdown                     Amount
Breakfast                     $ 18.00
Lunch                     $ 19.00
Dinner                     $ 34.00

Study Abroad Faculty Coordinators are required to submit one travel claim per student group. Please include the following final information on the student group travel claim:

Study Abroad Annual Report

The documents below will aid in the process of submitting your Study Abroad Annual Report. Completed reports should be submitted to the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange by the deadline assigned according to the term. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Summer Programs:      October 15
Winter Programs: March 15
Spring Break Programs:             May 15