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Outstanding International Education Student (2020)

“I have learned more about myself and the world through the connections I have made with so many exchange students these past two years of my college life, than I have in my entire life. I am truly thankful for the love, laughter, dedication, and the friendships I have made along the way. Being able to speak many phrases in different languages and to know of so many different cultures is truly admirable. Being a first friend has truly impacted me in so many ways I never thought would. I will always remember and carry with me what I have learned for the rest of my life. And for that I am truly grateful. If it weren’t for a kind French woman and a funny Swede, I would have never known about this program. I can thank them for pushing me to join this program and to continue to meet new people from different cultures, backgrounds, and to someday myself travel abroad. Because of this program I have so many friendships and connections around the world. I just really hope I have touched their hearts and impacted their lives just as much as they have mine. I plan to travel abroad and see them very soon.”
Olivia Ryan


Former Outstanding International Education Student (2019)

"Put yourself in a position where you're working to live, not living to work."


Joshua Carabajal 


Former Outstanding International Education Student (2018)

Participating in the Bridge Program as a First Friend and studying abroad in Japan the summer of 2016 are by far my favorite memories from my time here at Austin Peay. I've made priceless lifelong friendships, shared cultures with international and exchange students, and have obtained an unquenchable thirst for travel and a desire to work abroad in the future to further my knowledge of other cultures. In fact, it is because of the positive connections I have made abroad and here on campus that I have accepted my dream position teaching English in Japan. I encourage everyone to study abroad and get outside of your comfort zone. You won't regret it. It will open your mind in ways you can't imagine. If you see an international student, approach them and start a conversation with them. You might learn something new and even gain a new best friend (or a few) along the way.
McKenzieMcKenzie Mullins     
APSU Summa Cum Laude Graduate - May 2018