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Study Abroad Opportunities in the College of Arts and Letters

Students with majors and/or minors in the College of Arts and Letters can participate in the study abroad programs listed below. Any student interested in studying abroad should also review the application process.

Students can use their financial aid to help pay for study abroad programs, including exchange programs. Additionally, there are scholarships and grants available for study abroad programs

Short-Term Programs

Students travel in a group with faculty. These programs take place during summer, winter, or Spring Break and last from 1 to 5 weeks. 

APSU D.E.A.L. in England

APSU in Antigua

APSU in Argentina

APSU in Austria-Language

APSU in Austria-Music

APSU in France

APSU in Greece

APSU in Italy

APSU in Japan

APSU in London-Art

APSU in London-COMM  

APSU in Poland

APSU in Quebec-3 weeks

APSU in Quebec-5 weeks

APSU in Rome

APSU in Spain

Art + Design in Germany 



Students with majors and/or minors under the College of Arts and Letters should also check study abroad programs offered through other APSU colleges as there might be courses available that can be taken as electives or general education courses by students from any major; for example, biology courses. 

Additionally, APSU is a member of CCSA. Students from any APSU college can also participate in CCSA short-term programs. They offer programs in many disciplines in English-speaking countries during winter and summer. Please check the CCSA  website for more information as courses vary each term. 


Long-Term or Exchange Programs

Students from any APSU college can participate in exchange programs. Through these programs, students spend a whole semester or academic year abroad. Participants travel independently and are more involved in the planning process. Classes are taught in English unless students choose otherwise. Students interested in participating in an exchange program must complete the following steps:

Additional expenses might include but are not limited to: student visa fees, health and trip insurance, airfare, application fees, and passport fee.

APSU Partner Universities

APSU and Austria Exchange

APSU and Czech Republic Exchange

APSU and Spain Exchange

APSU and Korea Exchange

APSU and Quebec Exchange

APSU and Sweden Exchange

APSU and Taiwan Exchange

APSU and Argentina Exchange

APSU and Bolivia Exchange

APSU and Canada Exchange

APSU and China Exchange (CUFE)

APSU and China Exchange(CUC)

APSU and England Exchange

APSU and France Exchange

APSU and France Exchange (UO)

APSU and France Exchange (UR)

APSU and Hungary Exchange

APSU and Japan Exchange(PUH)

APSU and Japan Exchange (RU)

APSU and  Poland Exchange (UR)

APSU and Romania Exchange 


Exchange and Third Party Providers